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30/30 BAR MINI SAGA :::: 29

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Chapter Zero – 29/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 28

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Chapter Zero – 28/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 27

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So because it’s time we are back on game!! Sorry about the delay, but i think i have organized myself now, so i wont lack pages for such a long time 😀

Be happy and enjoy

27/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 26

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Traffic D:<

New Pagee also in colo…!! well, it’s colors… it counts right? Come on! it’s not my fault that the author likes the flash backs, right?

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OMG!!! Page in color!!

Yeah I know you liked the gorish pages, but! we are introducing a delightful character so stay put and wait more from her 😉

and it’s not even Friday!