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Chapter II: The Thorny Rose

New chapter!! new cover! and it’s in color!! What do you think of it?


26/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 25

Hi Everyone. Here’s Sanderán with another comic Page. Not in color, but exciting as well.
I have used a screentone from this page. I’ll thank the Manga Artist later. Since already is non profit, I think It’s Ok.

Anyway, for bigger resolution check the same page here:

Deux Ex Machina

It's Rainig men!Last page of the Chapter!!! Yeih!!! So a lot of more mysteries to come and men that fall from the sky half naked 😛

Easy, girls!

25/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 24

For bigger resolution

Lab Rat

…. and page number two!!! just because we wanted to be equal in all our sites.

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I was one page late on  this site so this is 2 page panel that was missing andd…..

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24/30 Bar Mini Saga ::::: 23

For a bigger Resolution check the next link: